Consigning With Us

Consigning with us (a.k.a. selling clothing/ accessories with us) is crazy easy. Bring in your clean, pressed, fashionable clothing on hangers (yes, we’re particular about this). We will take a look at it and make sure that we think it is something that will sell (just like us, our customers are very selective).

We will keep your items for 60 days (the majority of our clothing sells within 60 days – so relax). We will set the initial price and your items will stay that price for three weeks. If they have not sold, they will be marked down 20%. After six weeks, if your items have not sold, they will be marked down another 20% (40% total). After 60 days, if your item has not sold, we will donate it to one of our deserving charities for you (and, yes, you get the tax write-off) – or, if you would prefer, you can arrange to have the item returned to you.

How much do you get paid? You get 50% of the final selling price – whatever that may be. Cool, eh? Email or call us when you see an item sells and you can stop by and pick up a check – or if you are extremely lazy, we can mail it to you.

How will you know when your items have sold? We treat our consignors like the VIPs you are! When you consign with us, you will get your every own online account. Use this account to keep track of the money you made, or as most people do, as a slush-fund to purchase more clothes (store credit). From this account you can cyber-stalk us to see when your items sell. Yep – 24/7 – you can access your account! Hey – what did you think this was? A rinky-dink operation? Nope, we are first class all of the way baby! Just a word of warning…. We have over 2000 consignors. There is no way we can call you when each item sells (that’s why you have your own online account, silly!). If your not sure if something sold you can log on or call us – hey! We’re always here for you!

Shopping With Us

When I first saw this page, I thought…really? We need a web-page to teach people how to shop? What is this world coming to? Isn’t shopping an innate characteristic in all humans? I guess not. Okay, well here’s the scoop…….

First, all of the clothing and accessories in the shop are on consignment – which means some really cool person/store gave us their stuff to sell. Consignment doesn’t mean “thrift” and it doesn’t mean “junk” – really…. that kind of thinking is soooo two years ago. Where have you been?  Consignment also means that we get new and unique stuff everyday.

Second, our consignment clothing has MARKDOWNS – which means over time, if an item has not sold, the price of an item will be reduced. I know, you’re thinking – Reduced? From the already so ridiculously low I-can’t-believe-they-are serious prices? Yep. Reduced. It all goes by time. If an item hasn’t sold in three weeks, the price will be reduced by 20%. Even better, if an item hasn’t sold in 6 weeks (a.k.a. 42 days), it gets marked down another 20% (that’s 40% total for all you math geniuses). And here’s the best part… We print our markdowns on the tags! That’s right, no guessing or doing math to figure out when an items gets marked down. We do all the hard work for you!

Third, Okay, so what happens if you come into the store and you just can’t find the piece you’re looking for? Again, relax, we’ve got you covered!  We get new merchandise daily AND we have an online store – so you can check into what we have in stock from the comfort of your own home!

Face it…. we are just too cool for words!


TRENDS hates to make you wait! Are you juggling a lot of stuff and only a little time? Drop off your items at TRENDS. We will go through them and log in all accepted items. You can stop by at your convenience to pick up any items that were not accepted (we call them “No Thank Yous”) at your convenience anytime during the 48 hours after your dropped them off.

Don’t want any “No Thank Yous” returned? No problem. We will take care of them for you most likely donating them to one of our worthy charities.

How easy is that?